Living The List

I want to see and do it all so I include every single thing that piques my interest to my bucket list. Why not? Some are big ventures, others small. Some are little far fetched, yes, but nothing is impossible. Some are simple pleasures I like to call the little things in life. Some are personal growth adventures, others are adventures meant to be shared. Some of them I do not realize are "Bucket List Items" until after I have actually experienced them.

I am always adding new things to this list and yes, sometimes I remove things as well. As humans, it is natural to change and evolve with each rotation around the planet. I'm always discovering new adventures I would like to accomplish. However, sometimes I also lose the desire to accomplish some adventures I was once passionate about. My list changes and evolves as do I.
Life is tough. Life is stressful. Life is short. We need to indulge ourselves in moments of fun, adventure and pleasure. We need to nurture our passions and actually live in our lives.

I have done many things on my list, but for the purpose of this blog, I will not cross any item off the list until I have written about it. It's more for me I guess. I get confused about what experiences I have already shared. Losing my mind is fun in many ways, but sometimes I need to leave myself a few bread crumbs to find my way back. Ciao!

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