The Accomplished List

Check it off Baby!
Accomplishments, achievements and gold stars for living life!
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    1.  Attend A Pittsburgh Steelers Game 
    4.  Spend The Night In A Luxurious Hotel
    5.  Eat Beignets At Cafe Du Monde
    6.  Visit New Orleans
    7.  Do A Couple Of Laps Around A Racetrack At Full Speed
  13.  Grow My Hair Long
  15.  Have An Authentic Louisiana Crawfish Boil
  18.  Learn To Cook From Scratch
  19.  Visit A Butterfly Sanctuary
  21.  Take A Roadtrip Through The Florida Keys
  24.  Fly In A Plane
  27.  Ride On A Boat
  46.  See Stevie Nicks In Concert
  49.  Eat Lobster In Maine
  53.  Work For Tips
  55.  See The Statue Of Liberty
  65.  Have Authentic Key Lime Pie In Key West 
  66.  Visit The Southernmost Point In The USA
  69.  Visit Strawberry Fields In Central Park
  75.  Get A Tattoo
  81.  Christmas In New York
  87.  Be A VIP 
  92.  Visit Cape Cod
  95.  Visit Ernest Hemingway's House
  99.  Win A Fantasy Football Championship
100.  Visit Key West
106.  Attend The Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival
109.  See Plymouth Rock
113.  Attend A Wine Festival
114.  Sail To Martha's Vineyard
122.  Make Money As A Street Performer
129.  Watch The Sun Set And Rise In One Day
138.  Visit Boulder Field, Hickory Run State Park
139.  Try Sushi
148.  See Riverdance At Radio City Music Hall
150.  Rescue An Animal From A Shelter
151.  Dine At Tavern On The Green
155.  Tour The New York Finger Lakes Wineries
156.  Try Deep Fried Alligator
169.  Have A Day At The Races
175.  Host A Tea Party
185.  Attend The Belmont Stakes
186.  Build A Snack Stadium
200.  Try Golf
206.  Assemble A List Of My All Time Favorite Quotes
208.  Try Kayaking
211.  Take My Kids To NYC For Christmas
214.  Master A Video Game
216.  See Niagara Falls
221.  Try Conch
239.  Learn To Use Chopsticks
246.  Dine Al Fresco In Little Italy NYC
260.  Give Blood
266.  Attend The Midnight Screening Of A Blockbuster Movie On Opening Day
268.  Give My Time To Help A Charity
276.  See What's Happening In Your Community
284.  Dine At Serendipity 3
292.  Go To The Top Of The CN Tower In Toronto
293.  Visit The Smoky Mountains Of Tennessee 
295.  Ride The NYC Subway
296.  Climb To The Top Of A Lighthouse
304.  Go Apple Picking
311.  Watch The Sun Set On A Beach
323.  Go On A Camping Trip
325.  Attend A Chinese Lantern Festival
326.  Play Bingo
327.  Attend A Hockey Game
342.  Hold A Big Spider
349.  See A Burlesque Show
351.  Attend A College Football Game
353.  Partake In A 5K Race
354Attend A White Elephant Party
356.  Become A Lifelong Collector Of Something That Fascinates You
367Make Spaghetti Sauce From Scratch
377.  Visit Toys R Us In Times Square
378.  Try An Obstacle Course
384.  Do Something That Absolutely Terrifies You
390.  Experience A Brazilian Steakhouse
393.  Get Something Pierced
402.  Create A Soundtrack For Your Life
416.  Try A Tanning Bed
428.  Run My Own Fantasy League
430.  See The Liberty Bell
445.  Attend A One Night Art Class
446.  Take Pictures In A Photo Booth
450.  Vote In An Election
454.  Play In A Tournament
457.  Tour A Brewery
459.  Have Pizza In Mystic
470.  Witness A Blizzard
475.  Visit Key Largo
476.  Try Bubble Tea
479.  Drive The Overseas Highway 
485.  Visit No Name Key And Drink A No Name Beer In A No Name Pub
508.  Write Your Name In The Sand

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