The Bucket List

  1. Attend A Pittsburgh Steelers Game ✔  
  2. Travel All 50 States
  3. Write A Book
  4. Spend The Night In A Luxurious Hotel ✔
  5. Eat Beignets at Cafe Du Monde ✔
  6. Visit New Orleans ✔
  7. Do A Couple of Laps Around A Race Track at Full Speed ✔
  8. Visit Australia
  9. Visit Ireland
  10. Take A Scenic Train Ride
  11. Drink Beer in A Real Irish Pub
  12. Buy A Cottage, Cabin or Farmhouse
  13. Grow My Hair Long ✔
  14. Attend A Renaissance Faire
  15. Have An Authentic Louisiana Crawfish Boil ✔
  16. Be An Extra in A Film
  17. Go on A Cruise
  18. Learn to Cook From Scratch ✔
  19. Visit A Butterfly Sanctuary ✔
  20. Attend A NASCAR Race
  21. Take A Road Trip Through The Florida Keys ✔
  22. See My Kids Graduate College
  23. Join A Gym
  24. Fly in A Plane
  25. Learn to Latin Dance
  26. Appear in A Magazine
  27. Ride On A Boat ✔
  28. Ride The Gondola in Venice
  29. Visit Tuscany 
  30. Go Parasailing
  31. Tour The Colosseum in Rome
  32. Enjoy An Authentic Italian Meal in Italy
  33. Appear on a Game Show
  34. Leave A Hefty Tip for Great Service
  35. Make A Full Course Italian Meal From Scratch
  36. Visit The Acropolis in Greece
  37. Drive Across The USA
  38. Go Snorkeling
  39. Enter A Baking Contest
  40. Visit The Sistine Chapel
  41. Invent A Cocktail
  42. Attend A Luau in Hawaii
  43. Dine at One of Emeril's Restaurants
  44. Attend A Hot Air Balloon Festival
  45. Have My DNA Tested For Ethnicity 
  46. See Stevie Nicks in Concert ✔
  47. Buy a Ford Mustang
  48. Make My Own Wine
  49. Eat Lobster in Maine
  50. Listen to War Stories from Veterans  
  51. Camp in A Real Tepee
  52. Try Snow Tubing
  53. Work for Tips ✔
  54. Attend A Film Festival
  55. See The Statue of Liberty ✔
  56. See The Trans Siberian Orchestra Perform
  57. Visit The Louvre in Paris
  58. Hold a Koala Bear
  59. Go to The Superbowl
  60. Go to The World Series
  61. Visit Easter Island
  62. See Dave Matthews in Concert
  63. Ride in A Limo
  64. Swim with Dolphins
  65. Have Authentic Key Lime Pie in Key West ✔
  66. Visit The Southern Most Part of The USA ✔
  67. Learn to Swim
  68. Visit Stonehenge
  69. Visit Strawberry Fields in Central Park ✔
  70. Walk Part of The Appalachian Trail
  71. Visit New Zealand
  72. Go to Las Vegas
  73. See The Hoover Dam
  74. Have A Recipe Published
  75. Get A Tattoo ✔
  76. Ride on A Steam Boat
  77. Witness A Hurricane
  78. Visit An Active Volcano
  79. Visit Ground Zero to Pay My Respects
  80. Ride the Cable Car in San Francisco
  81. Christmas in NYC ✔
  82. Visit The Ruins of Pompeii
  83. Kiss The Blarney Stone
  84. Witness the Aurora Borealis aka The Northern Lights
  85. Act in A Real Play
  86. Visit The Grand Canyon
  87. Be A VIP ✔
  88. Sleep on The Beach
  89. Go To An Ice Festival
  90. Swim In The Sea
  91. Make Apple Pie Moonshine
  92. Visit Cape Cod ✔
  93. Ride On A Motorcycle
  94. Visit Alaska
  95. Visit Ernest Hemingway's House ✔
  96. Sleep Outside During A Thunderstorm
  97. Attend A Genuine New England Clambake
  98. Visit Hershey Park and Chocolate World
  99. Win A Fantasy Football Championship ✔
  100. Visit Key West ✔   
  101. Visit Amsterdam
  102. Try Absinthe
  103. Smoke Hash in A Real Hash Bar
  104. See The Redwood Forest
  105. See The Petrified Forest
  106. Attend The Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival ✔
  107. Go Deep Sea Fishing
  108. Go Crabbing
  109. See Plymouth Rock ✔
  110. Dance on A Bar
  111. Visit Hawaii
  112. See Old Faithful in Yellowstone
  113. Attend A Wine Festival ✔
  114. Sail to Martha's Vineyard ✔
  115. Visit Sequoia National Park
  116. Talk A Walk in The Rain
  117. Finish My College Degree
  118. See The Mona Lisa
  119. Visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  120. See The New Year In A Major City
  121. Go to The Top of the Space Needle in Seattle
  122. Make Money As A Street Performer ✔
  123. Visit Mt.Rushmore National Park
  124. Take A Trip to A Safari Park
  125. Visit The Philly Zoo to See The Silverbacks 
  126. Sleep Under The Stars
  127. Attend The Iowa State Fair
  128. Stop at The I-80 Truck Stop In Iowa
  129. Watch The Sun Set and Rise in One Day ✔
  130. Plant A Tree
  131. Visit Salem Massachusetts near Halloween
  132. Attend The New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival
  133. Go On A Whale Watch
  134. Learn How To Make Halupki Properly
  135. Go Outside and Lie In The Grass
  136. Sleep In A Hammock
  137. Go On A Nature Walk
  138. Visit Boulder Field, Hickory Run State Park ✔
  139. Try Sushi
  140. Become A Mentor
  141. Attend The Olympics
  142. Attend An Oktoberfest
  143. Visit Savannah Georgia
  144. Dine at The Lady and Sons
  145. Pick Up Someone Else's Litter
  146. Ride A Horse
  147. Go To The Theater
  148. See Riverdance at Radio City
  149. Walk The Beaches of The Outer Banks, NC
  150. Rescue An Animal From A Shelter  
  151. Dine At Tavern on The Green ✔
  152. Ride A Roller Coaster
  153. Try Karting
  154. Get Hypnotized
  155. Tour The NY Finger Lake Wineries ✔
  156. Try Deep Fried Alligator ✔
  157. Build A Snowman
  158. Attend A Parade
  159. Spend A Whole Day in Bed
  160. Meet Someone Famous
  161. Learn to Belly Dance
  162. Learn to Use Power Tools
  163. Have My Fortune Read
  164. Visit A Psychic
  165. See A Shuttle Launch
  166. Visit Quincy Market
  167. Walk The Freedom Trail in Boston
  168. Create A Website
  169. Have A Day at The Races ✔
  170. Attend The Kentucky Derby
  171. Read The Entire Vampire Chronicles
  172. Visit The Garden District of New Orleans
  173. Visit Lafayette Cemetery #1
  174. Walk The Brooklyn Bridge
  175. Host A Tea Party
  176. Visit A Plantation
  177. Ride On The Top Of A Double Decker Bus
  178. Go Clamming
  179. Go tTo A Concert
  180. Get My Passport
  181. Join A Book Club
  182. Try Karaoke
  183. Visit Buckingham Palace
  184. Try Thai Food
  185. Attend The Belmont Stakes
  186. Build A Snack Stadium ✔
  187. Go To Chelsea Market
  188. Visit Vancouver, British Columbia
  189. Visit Montreal, Quebec
  190. Visit Nova Scotia
  191. See The Golden Gate Bridge
  192. Watch A Cinema Classic
  193. Throw A Themed Party
  194. Try A Wine Tasting
  195. Have A Picnic In A Secluded Spot
  196. Have A Fun Bet
  197. Visit Copenhagen
  198. Watch A Movie Series In One Day
  199. Take A Hot Air Balloon Ride
  200. Try Golf  ✔
  201. Try Canoeing
  202. Go On A City Shopping Break
  203. Have A Weekend Away With Friends
  204. Read A Classic Novel
  205. Go On A Mediterranean Cruise 
  206. Assemble A List of My All Time Favorite Quotes ✔
  207. Visit Yosemite Valley
  208. Try Kayaking ✔
  209. Try Dog Sledding
  210. Spend An Evening A Week Away From The TV or PC
  211. Take My Kids to NYC for Christmas ✔
  212. Create My Ideal Christmas Tree
  213. Receive A Fan Letter
  214. Master A Video Game ✔
  215. Tour The World Trade Center Memorial
  216. See Niagara Falls ✔
  217. Achieve Some of Your Life Goals with Family And Friends
  218. Travel Through The Channel Tunnel
  219. Visit Bourbon Street And The French Quarter
  220. Go To The Airport And Take The Next Random Flight
  221. Try Conch ✔
  222. Participate In A Pub Crawl
  223. Attend The Preakness
  224. Try Archery
  225. Tour A Stadium 
  226. Shoot A Gun At A Shooting Range
  227. Sail in A Yacht
  228. Attend A Cirque Du Soleil Show
  229. Write A Cookbook
  230. Visit Cyprus
  231. Leave My Mark In Graffiti
  232. Experience Zero Gravity
  233. Become A Parent
  234. Try DJing
  235. Have A Full Body Massage by A Pro
  236. Have A Mud Bath
  237. Take A Cooking Class
  238. Attend A Beach Party
  239. Learn To Use Chopsticks ✔
  240. Visit An Animal Clinic
  241. Cook A Traditional Dish From Another Culture
  242. Have A Professional Facial
  243. Have A Relaxing Weekend in A Castle/Chateaux
  244. Make A Genuine Puglia Meal
  245. Treat Myself To A Health Spa
  246. Dine Al Fresco In Little Italy NYC ✔
  247. Try A Meditation Course
  248. Float in The Dead Sea
  249. Visit A Cigar Bar
  250. Go On An African Safari 
  251. Have An At Home Spa Day
  252. Get Tipsy With Good Company
  253. See The Victoria Falls
  254. Have A Drink At An Ice Bar
  255. Visit Machu Picchu
  256. Visit Paris
  257. Visit The Great Barrier Reef
  258. Visit The Leaning Tower of Pisa
  259. Visit The Tower of London
  260. Give Blood ✔
  261. Take An Extended Amount Of Time Off To Travel
  262. Ride A Train Cross Country
  263. Do The GM Diet
  264. Take A Submarine Tour in Waikiki
  265. Take A Helicopter Tour Over Kauai
  266. Attend The Midnight Screening of A Blockbuster Movie on Opening Day ✔
  267. Tour The White House
  268. Give My Time To Help A Charity ✔
  269. Learn About Feng Shui
  270. Be A Bridesmaid
  271. Eat A 7 Course Meal Fully Prepared by Myself
  272. Throw Down A Large Amount of Money on Roulette
  273. Dine at An Undersea Restaurant
  274. Make A Homemade Beauty Product
  275. Join A Subscription Box Program 
  276. See What Is Happening in Your Community ✔
  277. Attend A Murder Mystery Dinner
  278. Surprise Someone
  279. Set Aside Time To Spend With The People You Love
  280. Stay in An Over Water Bungalow
  281. See Little Venice, Colmar, France
  282. Ride an Elephant
  283. Take Photos of Family and Friends
  284. Dine At Serendipity 3 ✔
  285. Attend A Pig Roast
  286. Drink A Pina Colada in San Juan, Puerto Rico
  287. Wear Bright Red Lipstick For A Day
  288. Take A Carriage Ride Through Central Park NYC
  289. Try Zorbing
  290. Write Your Last Will and Testament
  291. Visit Colonial Williamsburg, Va
  292. Go To The Top of The CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario ✔
  293. Visit the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee ✔
  294. Become A Girl Scout Leader
  295. Ride The NY Subway
  296. Climb to The Top of A Lighthouse ✔
  297. Have Pancakes With Real Maple Syrup in Vermont
  298. Enjoy a Real Philly Cheesesteak in Philly
  299. Take A Trans Atlantic Cruise
  300. Attend the Philadelphia Flower Show 
  301. Walk Graffiti Road, Old 61, Centralia PA
  302. See The Wild Horses of Assateague and Chincoteague
  303. Take A Book Editing Class
  304. Go Apple Picking ✔
  305. Swim at The Base of A Waterfall
  306. Attend A Masquerade
  307. Read The Kama Sutra
  308. Experience Christmas In A Different Part of The World
  309. Tailgate At A Sporting Event
  310. Move Out of My Town
  311. Watch The Sun Set On A Beach ✔
  312. Try Cuban Food
  313. Visit Ayres Rock Australia
  314. Take Time Out For Myself
  315. Duplicate An Outfit From A Magazine
  316. Tell Someone You Love Them
  317. Catch, Cook, And Eat A Fish
  318. Have "X" Amount of Money In The Bank
  319. Get A Fish Pedicure
  320. Walk Across Abbey Road, England
  321. Handle A Bird of Prey
  322. Visit A Museum
  323. Go On A Camping Trip ✔
  324. Have A Candlelit Bath
  325. Attend A Chinese Lantern Festival ✔
  326. Play Bingo
  327. Attend A Hockey Game ✔
  328. Exercise At Least Twice A Week
  329. Visit Thailand
  330. Drive in A Classic Car Cruise
  331. See A Talk Show Taping
  332. Have An Article Published
  333. See The Great Wall of China
  334. Lose Weight
  335. Improve My Diet
  336. Ride On A Ferris Wheel
  337. Do A Cleanse
  338. Own An Expensive Pair Of Shoes
  339. Experience An Earthquake
  340. Take A Dancing Lesson
  341. Go Naked
  342. Hold a Big Spider ✔
  343. Make A Career of Something You Are Interested In
  344. Attend A World Cup Game
  345. Have An Aromatherapy Massage
  346. Watch A Solar Eclipse
  347. Learn Basic Phrases in 5 Different Languages
  348. Drive State Route 1 Through Big Sur, CA
  349. See A Burlesque Show ✔
  350. Phone in Sick For Work and Relax  
  351. Attend A College Football Game ✔
  352. Attend A Fashion Show
  353. Partake in A 5K Race ✔
  354. Attend A White Elephant Party ✔
  355. Finish A Jigsaw Puzzle
  356. Become A Life Long Collector of Something That Fascinates You ✔
  357. Tour Napa Vineyards
  358. Eat Mashed Potatoes In Idaho
  359. Learn CPR
  360. Collect Your Favorite Recipes
  361. Go Sky Diving
  362. Quit A Job you Really Hate
  363. Tube Down A River
  364. Visit The Football Hall Of Fame
  365. Try Paintball
  366. Drive A Monster Truck
  367. Make Spaghetti Sauce From Scratch ✔
  368. Drive The Bourbon Trail In Kentucky
  369. Watch A Movie At A Drive In
  370. Help Someone Else Achieve A Life Long Goal
  371. Try Yoga
  372. See The Lunar Eclipse
  373. Attend A Costume Party
  374. Become A Tourist In Your Own Town
  375. Visit A Ghost Town
  376. Build A Bonfire And Make S'mores
  377. Visit Toys R Us in Times Square ✔
  378. Try An Obstacle Course ✔
  379. Try Zip Lining
  380. Start A Blog
  381. Throw Tomatoes in La Tomatina or Somewhere Similar
  382. Dine At One of The World's Best Restaurants
  383. Set Foot On 6 Continents
  384. Do Something That Absolutely Terrifies You ✔
  385. Vacation In An Igloo Village
  386. Drive Around Looking At Christmas Lights
  387. Visit Bermuda
  388. Visit The Gravesite or Birth Place of A Cultural Icon
  389. Enjoy A Fresh Rolled Cigar in Cuba
  390. Experience a Brazilian Steakhouse ✔
  391. Drive The Great Ocean Road in Australia
  392. Watch The Sunset From Oia, Santorini, Greece
  393. Get Something Pierced ✔
  394. Try Kobe Beef
  395. See Holland In Bloom
  396. Visit A Speakeasy
  397. Have A Past Life Regression
  398. Get A Caricature Done
  399. Have My Aura Read
  400. Have My Palm Read 
  401. Get My Astrological Chart Made
  402. Create A Soundtrack For Your Life ✔
  403. Plant A Container Garden
  404. Order Room Service
  405. Throw A Gypsy Bohemian Party
  406. Ride a Mechanical Bull
  407. See The Eiffel Tower
  408. Drive Part Of Historic Route 66
  409. Visit The San Diego Zoo
  410. See Big Ben in London
  411. See The Notre Dame Cathedral
  412. Attend A Japanese Tea Ceremony
  413. Visit Tokyo
  414. Visit Waikiki Beach Oahu
  415. Visit Coney Island
  416. Try A Tanning Bed ✔
  417. Drive Through Glacier National Park, Montana
  418. Make Homemade Ice Cream
  419. Wear Fake Eyelashes
  420. Meet A President
  421. Go On A Shopping Spree
  422. Attend A High Tea
  423. Gamble in Monaco
  424. Visit Thor's Well, Oregon
  425. Visit 1000 Islands, NY 
  426. Visit The Moulin Rouge, Paris, France
  427. Visit The Glass Beach in Cali
  428. Run My Own Fantasy League ✔
  429. Soak In A Hot Spring
  430. See the Liberty Bell ✔
  431. Be Your Weird, Crazy Beautiful Self
  432. Carve A Pumpkin
  433. Wade In A Cranberry Bog
  434. Attend A Random Free Seminar
  435. Go On A Ride Along With The Police
  436. Host A Cookie Exchange
  437. Go To A Garlic Festival 
  438. Visit Puppy Island In The Turks
  439. Go To A WWE Event
  440. Make Homemade Candles
  441. Travel Alone
  442. Send Myself Flowers Or A Basket 
  443. Attend A Same Sex Wedding
  444. Send A Care Package To A Soldier
  445. Attend A One Night Art Class ✔
  446. Take Pictures In A Photo Booth ✔
  447. Try Jet Skiing 
  448. Win A Straight Trifecta
  449. Send A Lantern Into The Sky
  450. Visit Woodstock NY
  451. Vote In An Election ✔
  452. Try Zumba
  453. Carry A Donor Card
  454. Play In A Tournament ✔
  455. Do Something For The Greater Good
  456. Go To A LLWS Game
  457. Tour A Brewery ✔
  458. Perfect A Cupcake Recipe 
  459. Have Pizza In Mystic ✔
  460. See the Fairy Pools In The Isle of Sky, Scotland
  461. Attend A Chinese New Year Festival 
  462. Visit The Sugar Factory 
  463. Visit Curacao
  464. Drink Rum In The Caribbean  
  465. Quit Smoking
  466. Complete 250 Items On My Bucket List
  467. Visit Iceland 
  468. Attend An Overseas Cooking Class 
  469. Be A Vintage Model For A Day
  470. Witness A Blizzard
  471. Be In Two States At Once
  472. Celebrate My Birthday In Another Country
  473. Try an Escape Room Event
  474. Sit In An Outdoor Hot Tub On A Snowy Day
  475. Visit Key Largo ✔
  476. Try Bubble Tea ✔
  477. Watch 26 Movies Starting With Each Letter Of The Alphabet   
  478. Visit Costa Rica
  479. Drive The Overseas Highway ✔
  480. Go Island Hopping In The Caribbean
  481. Break A Pinata   
  482. Go To The Rose Bowl Parade
  483. Visit Cuba 
  484. Grill Pizza
  485. Visit No Name Key And Drink A No Name Beer In A No Name Pub ✔
  486. Visit A Beach With Pink Sand
  487. Visit A Beach With Black Sand  
  488. Visit Acadia National Park
  489. Fit Into My Old Jeans
  490. Watch 13 Reasons Why Series In One Day 
  491. Visit Pike Place Market, WA
  492. Visit Foggia Italy 
  493. Have Pizza In Napoli
  494. Swim With Manatees
  495. Attend A Huge Yard Sale
  496. Go To A March Madness Tournament Game
  497. Try Bowling
  498. Swim At Night
  499. See A Broadway Play
  500. Attend A Ball
  501. Save All My $5 Bills For A Year
  502. Visit Boothbay Harbor, Maine
  503. Host A Scavenger Hunt
  504. Go Berry Picking     
  505. Watch A Meteor Shower
  506. Spend The Night In A Tree House
  507. Go Wildflower Picking
  508. Write Your Name In The Sand
  509. Attend A Dog Show
  510. Build A Gingerbread House   
  511. Make A Call From A London Phone Booth 
  512. Ride A Vespa
  513. Take A Photo Every Day For A Year 
  514. Host A Game Night 
  515. Create My Signature Meal 
  516. Host A Brunch 
  517. Visit Gettysburg 
  518. Visit Bali
  519. Visit The Maldives
  520. Visit The Badlands
  521. Take My Picture At Both Ends Of US Route 1 
  522. Tour Pigeon Key
  523. Walk On The Old Seven Mile Bridge  
  524. Sail On The African Queen 
  525. Drink Moxie Soda In Maine
  526. Visit Eataly World, Bologna, Italy
  527. Eat Pomme Frites in Belgium
  528. Visit Sri Lanka
  529. Create A Bucket List ✔

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