Little Things List

~*~*~Life's Great Little Pleasures~*~*~

"I never did mind about the little things."      
                                              -Maggie, "Point of No Return"

  1. Rainbow sprinkles on a cold, creamy vanilla soft serve ice cream cone. 
  2. Fortune Cookies
  3. Brandy Alexanders
  4. Pulling to the side of a country road on a warm summer night to show your kids the thousands of fireflies lighting up the fields and trees
  5. Rib eyes with butter and garlic
  6. Picking wildflowers to arrange in a vase or pitcher
  7. Campfires with good friends, great conversations, smores and plenty of beer and spirits
  8. Snuggling under the covers on a chilly summer night during a rain storm
  9. The Olympic Games
  10. Finding a bunny nest in your yard
  11. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
  12. Eating with chopsticks
  13. Firing up the grill at 2 AM to cook hot dogs and hamburgers or making breakfast after working up an appetite
  14. Warm, embracing, loving hugs 
  15. Butterflies
  16. Farmer's markets and flea markets, especially in the spring and autumn
  17. Bunches of aromatic lilacs in vases around your house
  18. The first day you open the windows in the spring and breath in the beautiful air
  19. Roadtrips
  20. Scrapbooks
  21. Football season
  22. Remembering a funny moment and giggling about it throughout the day 
  23. A song coming on the radio that reminds you of a good memory or relates to something you are going through. It's as if it was written just for you.
  24. The sound of your child's laughter
  25. Sitting on the beach at dawn when barely a soul is around, listening to the sound of the ocean, breathing in the salty air and digging your feet in the sand, while the waves ebb and flow around them, soothingly
  26. Making up after a fight
  27. Faux fur blankets
  28. Pancakes with real butter and maple syrup
  29. Watching the sunset 
  30. Books you just can't put down 
  31. A great horoscope
  32. Fresh bedding that was hung on the clothesline to dry
  33. Hydrangeas
  34. Snow covered trees
  35. Handwritten love notes
  36. Waking up and not feeling tired
  37. Early mornings in the spring
  38. Baby animals
  39. Comfortable couches, chairs and throw pillows
  40. The perfect body hugging and flattering pair of jeans
  41. Catching a scent of cologne in your hair from the night before
  42. Fresh basil
  43. Home cooked meals
  44. Being missed by someone
  45. The feel of crushed velvet on your skin
  46. Fresh squeezed orange juice 
  47. Kissing the one you love at midnight on New Year's Eve
  48. Inspiring quotes
  49. Candlelight
  50. Dinner with friends
  51. Helping your kids learn something new
  52. Houseplants
  53. Buttercream frosting
  54. Great tasting pizza
  55. Live bands
  56. Weekend drives
  57. Packages in the mail
  58. Photo collages
  59. Onion rings with zesty onion sauce
  60. Fried dough with real sugar
  61. Finishing a crossword puzzle
  62. The look on your child's face when something makes them happy
  63. The New York City skyline at night
  64. Walking trails in the spring and fall
  65. Dancing anywhere and everywhere
  66. People that make you laugh
  67. Curling up and watching a favorite movie late at night
  68. The sound of rain
  69. Apple cider
  70. Cherry blossom trees
  71. Fall foliage 
  72. General Tso's Chicken 
  73. A well deserved drink after a stressful day
  74. Paying someone a compliment
  75. Holding hands
  76. Peanut butter
  77. When someone remembers something you like or something you said
  78. Breakfast for dinner
  79. Having a day when you can just slack off
  80. A good night's sleep
  81. Handing out candy to the Trick or Treaters
  82. Remembering a dream
  83. The glow of a Christmas tree in a dark room
  84. Spontaneous adventures
  85. Not having to leave the house the day of a snowstorm
  86. Firepits
  87. Throwing coins in a fountain and making a wish
  88. Crispy buffalo wings and dipping sauces
  89. Jukeboxes
  90. Glances and smiles from across the room
  91. Hugs from behind
  92. Original and heart felt compliments
  93. Wicker baskets
  94. Sleeping in
  95. When everyone around you is in a good mood
  96. When your children unexpectedly do housework or cook for you
  97. Winning a bet
  98. Wearing oversized hoodies and sweatshirts, preferably a man's
  99. Long talks
  100. The moment you realize you are making a memory you will remember forever
  101. Grilled sandwiches made with leftover turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce
  102. Gingerbread houses
  103. Chinese lanterns
  104. Pictures of your favorite memories
  105. Driving around, looking at all the Christmas lights
  106. Compromise
  107. Buying a cute, new tote bag
  108. Good conversations on long drives
  109. Kisses on your shoulders
  110. A great cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream
  111. Getting a compliment for doing a good job
  112. People that wear their heart upon their sleeve
  113. Creme Brulee
  114. The sound of heavy rain pounding against your window
  115. The first cold, snowy night of the winter season
  116. The perfect shade of lipstick
  117. Terrariums
  118. Christmas trees 
  119. Fresh from the oven chocolate chip pudding cookies
  120. Cheese sauce
  121. Watching an exciting football game
  122. Advent calendars 
  123. Late night movie marathons
  124. Candlelight 
  125. Almond poundcake with vanilla bean ice cream
  126. A hilarious, heavy laughing fit with good friends
  127. Potluck dinners
  128. Cards Against Humanity
  129. Seagulls
  130. When you forget you ordered something from a fundraiser and your stuff comes in. 
  131. Falling asleep in someone's arms
  132. Watching little animals in your yard
  133. Discovering a really good, informative article to read
  134. When your children give you unexpected hugs
  135. Wearing pajamas all day
  136. The feel of soft jersey material against your skin
  137. A big beautiful clear full moon
  138. Steak and egg burritos from Sonic
  139. Candy dishes
  140. Fur lined moccasins
  141. Adding new holiday decorations to your collection
  142. Knee high socks
  143. Garlic fries
  144. Completing a project
  145. Peppermint patties
  146. Caresses on the cheek
  147. Walking in from the cold to a warm house
  148. Reading the perfect quote for your present mood
  149. Christmas cookies
  150. Eyeshadow palettes

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